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Language: Philippinies | Genres: Drama , Action | Subtitle: Malay

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Johnny and Jenny grew up together as siblings under the care of their parents Robert and Katherine. Johnny loves his sister very much and is very protective of her. Their lives were discrupted when they found out that there was a case of baby switching in the hospital on the day that Jenny was born. They discovered that the real daughter was Shirley, the poor, mean and resentful classmate of Jenny. The lives of Jenny and Shirley are dramatically reversed in an instant. Jenny wants to stay but Shirley keeps pressuring her to leave. The weak-willed Jenny decides to run away and stay with her hostile biological mother Suzy and her good-for-nothing brother Jojo. Meanwhile, Johnny and his family opt to live abroad.
Years later, Jenny grows up to be a simple, beautiful and kind-hearted young lady. She works as a chambermaid in a hotel resort. She meets a conceited and naughty hotel owner named Andrew who gets smitten by Jenny's charm and beauty. Andrew does everything to get Jenny's attention. He soon realizes that Jenny is slowly changing him for the better. The guy proudly tells his best friend that he has found the woman he truly loves.
It turns out that Johnny is the best friend of Andrew. Johnny returns from abroad to look for his beloved sister and after many years of separation, the "siblings" reunite. As Johnny and Jenny get to know each other after so many years, they start to fall in love. Jenny feels conflicted, because she is dating Andrew. Johnny hides his emotions as he is preparing to be married to his long-time girlfriend. At this time, Jenny will have Leukemia. The family and the villains of Jenny are shocked because Jenny has Leukemia and the anger of the villains Shirley and JoJo changed into love for Jenny. Days later, Johnny and Jenny finally get married and awhile after, Jenny dies. Before Jenny died, she wrote letters to her mothers, her father, Johnny, and Shirley. During her funeral, all of them read the letters Jenny left them. In Jenny's letter to her mothers, she states that she's lucky to have two loving mothers. In her father's letter, she states that she loves him very much and is the only father she knew. Though the contents of shirley's letter was never revealed, it is shown that Jenny gave shirley the Mickey Mouse watch Johnny bought for Jenny when they were teenagers.
Finally, in Johnny's letter, she asks him to continue biking and always imagine that Jenny is riding with him, and not to follow her in death. Afterwards, Johnny asks Andrew to deliver Jenny's ashes to her favorite beach and asks that only him will do this and no one else. Andrew asks Johnny if he's gonna go, but Johnny replies that he wants to say goodbye to her in his own way. Afterwards, Johnny is shown biking on the road where he and Jenny always went biking, but Johnny stops in the middle of the road and doesn't notice that there is truck coming and gets hit by the truck. After looking at the sky, Johnny says that he and Jenny will be together again. Johnny dies afterwards. The Series ends with two kids (Presumably Johnny and Jenny) biking down the road where Johnny and Jenny always went biking.

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